North Cyprus News | Over 60s – New Residency Rules

North Cyprus News | Over 60s – New Residency Rules

“The Over 60’s residency exemption has been the subject of much confusion for the ex-pat community. The BRS has had several meetings with the government to investigate how the system could be changed in such a way that a residency stamp or similar could be provided. After much discussion with the immigration management and their legal advisor, it was agreed that the present system would be simplified for the Over 60’s.

However, before providing details of the new process, the question of whether over 60’s need annual residency has to be addressed. There has been contrasting advice on this subject so we will attempt to clarify matters.

a) This concession for the over 60’s is not legally binding. Therefore any new government can cancel this arrangement.

b) Anyone that wants permanent residency must, currently, have five consecutive annual residency stamps in their passport. Anyone choosing not to renew will not obtain a residency stamp so will never obtain permanent residency.

c) Contrary to misinformation, there is, at present, no link between a residency stamp and obtaining a TRNC driving licence.

d) There has not been any immigration problem for those over 60’s when leaving and entering the TRNC without a residency stamp.

In summary, one can therefore say that you are covering all possible negatives by continuing to renew your residency and the new simplified process encourages this. However, in the same way that the BRS does not endorse or recommend a company or product, our members should examine their own particular circumstances and make their own decision accordingly.

The compromise agreed, and which can be implemented now, is that the annual police visit will no longer be required. Instead the new procedure requires the following to be taken directly to immigration at Lefkosa.

1. Muhtar’s letter to confirm your residency (Ensure that any change of address is made on this letter)

2. Passport

3. Blue or Pink Residency registration card

4. Copy of Bank Statement to confirm your income ( Internet print-out is acceptable )

The only addition to this requirement is a change of address since your last renewal. If that is the case a copy of your house contract, kocan or rental agreement, with the new address, if appropriate, will have to be shown.

In addition, you will complete a residency application form. A blank application form and a completed example is available to BRS members under “Forms” on the members’ section of the BRS website. Complete the form and hand in unsigned. You will make your payment to the cashier and will obtain the residency stamp in your passport. You will still have the option of one or two year’s renewal.

Finally any Over 60 ex-pat still has the option not to renew but will be unable to obtain a residency stamp. Over 60’s making their first residency application will still need to visit the police with the standard list of documents but will be eligible for the new process from year two onwards.

As you are aware, in the TRNC, it is not uncommon for individual officials to misinterpret the rules. We would therefore ask that you advise the BRS should any immigration official insist in requiring other documentation. Please ask the official for his/her name and advise them that you will be reporting back to the BRS who have agreed this new ruling with the Immigration management.

Permanent Residency

The BRS can also confirm that permanent residency for over 60’s is available for those persons with five consecutive years of residency stamps, at a cost of approximately 1486 tl. In addition a blood test and chest ray is required.

Anyone that has left the TRNC for more than an average of 90 days per annum is unlikely to be eligible but are advised to check with the Immigration Police in Girne.

The list of documents to be provided in order to obtain permanent residency is still to be clarified. As soon as this is confirmed and translated, it will be available for download from the Forms section of the BRS Members Only section of the website. However, bearing in mind, that permanent residency has no benefit, the simplification of the over 60 renewal process is unlikely to result in many opting for permanent residency.”

Above is a guide given by the British Residents Association on their website for the over 60’s applying for residency.

As we all know there is a requirement for certain medical tests for the under 60’s and the necessary paperwork to take to the hospital for these tests is available at the Police Station. The under 60’s are not eligible for more than one year’s residency at a time because of the medical requirements.

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