North Cyprus Free Press looking for articles to publish

A recent email from Chris Cook got me thinking about the purpose of NCFP. It looks like a newspaper but unlike a newspaper it does not employ reporters to write stories. Instead, it is there for readers to use as they wish, within editorial restrictions, in order to communicate things they find interesting.

Chris’ complaint was that the stories sent in, and the events commented upon, have become restricted recently to two property issues. This is because that’s all the readers currently feel like writing about. I wish I could write more articles personally but I haven’t the time as I am still working part-time in the UK and have ongoing commitments I’m contracted to fulfil.

The solution is for you, that includes you Chris, to write for us. As editor I am able to polish articles to make them appear professional and additionally you get your name at the top of a Google search. I am quite happy for this website to lose all it’s readers, and I’m sure that people in certain circles would be happy too, if there is nothing interesting for you to write about.

In Chris Cook’s case, if he has nothing to contribute which would change NCFP, I would suggest he reads a newspaper more suited to his tastes or go to Cyprus44 where the top “hot” topics currently include “what was the first album and single you bought” and “[PIZZERIA] Guido’s older brother Pietro opens pizzeria next to Guido’s”. We just can’t compete!

[PIZZERIA] Guido’s older brother Pietro opens pizzeria next to Guido’s

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