North Cyprus Consumer | Boycott Poisonous Food | Mehmet Goksoy

North Cyprus Consumer | Boycott Poisonous Food | Mehmet GoksoyNorth Cyprus Consumer – Boycott Poisonous Food from Mehmet Goksoy

Having read Ipek Ozerim’s Cyprus Today article about businessman Mehmet Goksoy’s contaminated food which he supplies to local food outlets, I was left shocked that he was allowed to regularly get away with doing this and even robbed the customs facility to get his food back to deliver it to his customers. He is one of the largest importers of fruit and vegetables into the TRNC and despite regular prosecutions still has a license to poison us.

Well, if the TRNC legal system can’t stop us being poisoned then perhaps it is time to take action ourselves and boycott any outlet which could be getting their supplies from this idiot. The rate of cancers in the TRNC are horrifically high and the pesticides found in the fruit and vegetables supplied by Mehmet Goksoy could be responsible for this.

First step, how do we find out who supplies local supermarkets like Starlings, Lemar and Ileli for example? Anyone know? Anyone care?


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