North Cyprus Consumer | Alsancak Lemar Faltering Already

North Cyprus Consumer | Alsancak Lemar Faltering AlreadyNorth Cyprus Consumer | Alsancak Lemar Faltering Already

It didn’t take long for the cracks to appear in the new ‘Discount’ Lemar in Alsancak. I needed a loaf of bread and instead of going to Atakara in Alsancak, I thought I’d risk the traffic danger entering the new Lemar, specifically because of the Food Lodge bread I mentioned earlier. I was surprised that at 9:15am there were only six cars in the car park and the place was nearly deserted.

I went straight to the bread counter and discovered there were no Food Lodge products, even when one of the staff started to fill the shelves 10 minutes later. There were no chicken breasts, except those pre-cut for kebabs. In fact there were few meat products and no mince on display. I’d decided not to buy any more of their special offer (until 26/4/2013) €5.90 Cuvee Du Patron red wine as it was a little bit vinegary.

Another confusion was that some of the offers were not clearly labelled, e.g. the 2-for-1 shower gel offer, and the individual items seemed expensive on their own. One complaint was that now that the managers were not around the checkout girls have reverted to chatting across to each other as they served you and did not bother to greet you or say goodbye when she finished serving you. That quality of service is ten-a-penny around Kyrenia and any supermarket breaking that pattern goes one notch up in my eyes.

Sorry, not that impressed now, back to Illeli as my main shop.

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