Level 3 course in Running a Country (R101)

courseWe at NCFP are glad to be designing a course for those participants who have the onerous job of running  a country. So often you find yourself making decisions “on the fly” and wonder after the event whether you did the right thing. Maybe you lie awake at night wishing there was some way of preparing yourself for the gruelling responsibilities of everyday country running. Well now help is on hand in the form of R101 – Running a Country, currently only offered at level 3. Any level 2 qualification, for example hairdressing, would be accepted as an indication that you have the necessary qualification for this course. Although we warn participants not to run a country before taking this course, the mistakes made doing so would be a fine preparation for the practical requirements of the course. Some of the syllabus has already been prepared (see below) but we would be happy to take comments for any additions that potential participants might want.

1 – Effective Law Making
1.1 Creating enforceable laws, e.g. if drivers can only take relatives to an airport, do make DNA testing available
1.2 Creating non-contradictory laws, e.g. 24/7 building might violate accommodation laws requiring quietness

This is just a taste of the course contents, any other suggestions would be gratefully received

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