General Strike in north Cyprus on Monday 5th July 2010

News is emerging that 36 Unions in north Cyprus are uniting for a General Strike on Monday in an attempt to prevent the government from reforms aimed at controlling their actions. The farce with CTA has made it clear that these Unions have the power to cripple the country and without changes they will continue to do so. Much has been written about the government’s handing of the CTA collapse but little reference has been made to the airline Union’s involvement. Overmanning was part of the problem and Unions made it impossible to make the necessary changes needed to save the company.

Many people have commented on the “job for life” attitude which means that some employees in government run organisations feel that poor service will not lead to a reprimand or a threat of unemployment. I personally walked into a government office 5 years ago with an urgent matter needing to be dealt with, long overdue, only to be confronted by a group of office workers sitting around, disinterested that they had not done there job. Incidentally, the matter is still outstanding.

So expect disruption, with the possibility of Ercan airport being affected on Monday. Thankfully there are no Atlasjet/CTA “extra” flights from the UK on that day but of course there may be some knock on effects.

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