Cyprus44 forum down again

A month after upgrading their system, Cyprus44 forum is down again. This time the evidence points to missing files rather than a DDoS attack. An attempt to determine what had happened to the site resulted in an error message that there were no files on the server. There are other explanations for this error message but all point to either an accidental or to a deliberate erasure of the files.

Almost immediately after Cyprus44 was offline, the owner of one forum started advertising their own site on NCFP in order to try to plug the news gap. NCFP took a day off in order for the editor and contributors to spend an internet free day with their families. However, many readers had their Christmas spoilt by a 24hr gap in local news.

Last time this happened, Izzet updated NCFP on what had happened. So far there has been no news from him as to what has happened.

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