Citizens Advice Cyprus | I am a Volunteer

As many of you already know, I have made it my aim to try to help all property scam victims in some small way. I do not delude myself that I can be the one who will find the solution. I do not even know if anyone will ever find the solution. What I know is silence and doing nothing, is not the way. Silence gives the ‘thugs’ the cloak of invisibility they need to carry on. Doing nothing makes you feel useless and furthermore helps you victimise yourself.

So why am I writing this now. I have become increasingly involved with Citizens Advice Cyprus and I know there are those who will try to use this against me. For this reason I publicly declare that all the work I do there is voluntary, I have not been paid, nor would I ever accept payment for anything I do. I am what it says on my label a VOLUNTEER, plain simple and true.

Pauline Ann Read

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