Car Tax Day

car taxOh dear 1st December, car tax time again. Never mind this time, we are prepared. The car is just a year old, so no M.O.T or emission’s test needed. We had been to see Steve Dickinson and renewed our insurance and were relieved to see Steve back in his office after his heart surgery.

Thanks to the helpful boys and girls on Cyprus 44, we even were aware that the office had moved and had clear an easy to follow directions taken from that thread.

Now this is where the we becomes just Chris. He won’t let me go with him, says I am too outspoken and I embarrass him. Now we all know that isn’t true, don’t we. Stop shouting ‘oh yes it is’. I know it is near Christmas but there is no need to turn this into a pantomime. Okay then, perhaps I am little forthright.

Chris likes to get the job done early, so he left the house at 7.45 a.m. (to be the first in the queue). Following the instructions picked up from C44, which he assured me were excellent, he arrived at the car tax office to be greeted by someone leaving. Oh good, he thought, they have started. Wishful thinking, the man leaving greeted him with ‘if you are going to tax your car, they are not opening until 12.00 p.m’. Sure enough Chris went to the door of the office and found a note to that effect. He phoned me to tell me that piece of good news then returned home.

At 11.40 a.m. he resumed his mission. This time he was greeted by a lovely elderly lady in the car park who said ‘if you are going to tax your car, they are not opening till 1.00 p.m.’ She was right.  This time, after phoning me to tell me the good news, Chris decided to wait the extra hour in Girne.

He was second in the queue, he completed his mission without further mishap. His words as he walked through the door on arriving home, ‘what a bloody waste of 5 hours’. My hero.

The reason for the late start, they were on STRIKE.

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