Barry ‘Snakes’ charity gig on 27th & 28th August 2010

At the time the previous article was written, Barry “Snakes” performances on the 27th and 28th August had not been announced as being in support of any charity. This is a later development that has recently been announced by Barry “Snakes” possibly to get around the law and complete the performances.

When he first announced that he was going to do the gigs, Barry “Snakes” originally asserted that he was going to perform without a work permit using a “Gider Pusulası” form and it is when this was challenged that the discussion began that Barry “Snakes” has taken so personally.

In fact, in a Cyprus44 thread, Barry “Snakes” says. “I have, with the help of the venues, resolved the situation and will be playing at Bar8.8 friday 27th and Soyz 28th sat (taxes and permits paid) and future venues and dates to be announced and with no hanging on to a so called charity !! regards Barry

Obviously, now he has talked the charity into coming on board (must have been difficult considering his previous comment about them) I wish him the best of luck and hope that they raise plenty of money for what is in my opinion, a very worthy cause.

I have already donated 200TL to the charity and agreed to allow them to auction one of my satellite TV packages worth 1245TL What is very sad, is that all this could have been avoided, but good luck to Barry and the charity!

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