Culture in north Cyprus


In order for there to be cultural events available for us to attend, we have to send a message that these events are worth putting on. The main message events organisers take heed of is attendance and in many cases this is poor. Lack of advertising is one cause of this but often there is a negative attitude when seeing something advertised which is a little “cultured.” Possibly you know your tastes and Mahler is not part of it, that’s fair, but a complete ban of all things different can’t be good for living in a country when everything is different any way.

Now, I am not saying you should attend the Turkish version of “Educating Rita” in Lefkoşa, although that might be fun, but perhaps a generic event such as dance might be a good start; which brings me round to the Dance Cyprus show, Shadow of Darkness.  Because of poor ticket sales they have had to cancel five shows but hopefully the next show on 22nd September at the Girne amphitheatre will go ahead.

The group, which is based in Lefkosa, has 30 professionally trained dancers and has been running for 9 years. The music for the show was composed by Can Atilla and at the end of their current tour the group will take the show to London where several performances have been arranged.  More information can be found here. Although the contact details seem to be wrong tickets are available at Deniz Plaza. near Garanti Bank

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