Tips On Starting A Blog Using Wordpress - Part 1

I’m not sure if there is an interest but I thought I’d start a series of short articles On Starting A Blog Using WordPress and see what the readership is by using the data available to me.

First step, find somewhere to put your Blog and decide the domain name you will use. I […]

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Watch Out for Scam Emails | Subject “Greetings”

Watch Out for Scam Emails – Subject “Greetings”

I’ve received a couple of e-mails this week, one from a U3A member, which have a link in them that takes you to a scam website offering a miracle weight loss product – Green Coffee Beans. When you go on the website, it picks up your […]

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North Cyprus Property News | Pauline Read Relentlessly Harassed


The start of Tuesday 6th November was a very good. Pauline had arranged a meeting with one of Kulaksiz 5 Advocates to discuss the case and the future strategy. As everyone knows Pauline is not a member of the group that live on site and is too often kept in the dark […]

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