Tips On Starting A Blog Using Wordpress - Part 1

Tips On Starting A Blog Using WordPress - Part 1I’m not sure if there is an interest but I thought I’d start a series of short articles On Starting A Blog Using WordPress and see what the readership is by using the data available to me.

First step, find somewhere to put your Blog and decide the domain name you will use. I prefer to be independent and not to rely on sites like or use a hosted site but that’s up to you. What follows is a description of what I do using WordPress.

Find a Host & Buy a Domain

I often use to host a blog’s files and buy a domain from them at the same time. Currently a domain such as this one,, costs $12.95 (£9) per year but they have offers which can reduce the cost of the domain and the hosting fees for the first year to as low as $2.75 pm (£2). So, for $48.35 (£38) you can set up a website (blog), and then pay about £30 per year to keep it running. That’s all, no more costs unless you want to spend on extras. If the blog is going to be more than a few hundred pages, as NCFP is, then you may consider a more expensive hosting with extra features including daily backup of files.

Set Up WordPress

Once you have hosting and a domain, next you have to set up your blog using WordPress and chose a Theme to create the look you are looking for. Choose WordPress installation from the list of options your host gives you and then log in using the information supplied during that process.

The next step is to choose a theme from the list under ‘Appearance’, or look for alternatives, and set that up according to your tastes. After that create a test post and see if you like what you’ve created.

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