Cyprus Star – 30/9/2011

UN’s Ban: “Natural resources of Cyprus belong to both communities” – said Ban Ki-moon. Editor: so the GCs are thinking of putting a percentage of the revenue in a “Special Fund” along with the money put aside for the TC property in the south taken over by them. Obviously available to them at the time of the Cyprus Settlement, coming soon! That’s if they haven’t had to spend it all to bail out the banks.

Turkey displays determination in protecting sea interest – which are “out to Suez Canal and Indian Ocean.” Editor: might as well add the Pacific and Atlantic while you’re at it!

Piri Reis joins in search for hydrocarbons – Turkish exploration vessel is just off Limassol and 60-70 nautical miles from where the US company Noble Energy is drilling.

Turkey declares 200 mile EEZ – generously allowing the south their 12 miles of territorial water. A Turkish fighter jet flew within 50km of the Noble platform and ended up in a dog fight with an Israeli jet, according to GC sources.

More gas exploration drilling to take place, says Christofias – Editor: definite signs that a Cyprus Settlement is no longer an option, by the sound of it.

There then follows a lot of articles about the matter

Robb jailed for 10 months – starting from August 3rd. Looks like the 11 charges are now officially likely to lead to prosecution in the south, including developing GC property in the north. There appears to be no possibility of criminal cases for developing TC property in the south, though. It doesn’t appear to be a crime.

KKHY close to take-off – according to TRNC Minister Ersan Saner the new CTA/NCA/KKHY are about to start trading as soon as the Turkish Competition Department approves them. About 150mTL has been deposited for the establishment of the company. Editor: wait before you buy an expensive Pegasus Christmas airline ticket, it might be available cheaper with CTNCKK, for Christmas 2012 that is.

PM Küçük: Water project will be completed on March 7, 2014Editor: in the morning or the afternoon?

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