Kulaksiz 5 North Cyprus Property Victims WILL be evicted

Hands up anyone who believes that people with a Bank mortgage on their property will be allowed to keep their vllla, without paying off the Bank mortgage that is? What no hands? Now is that because your head is so firmly stuck in the sand (HISS), or is it because, like me, you can no longer ignore the writing that is so clearly on the wall?

In my opinion, the charade that is due process here will continue. The Bank will win every time and the end will draw closer and closer. The precedent will be set and the process will start, first Kulaksiz 5 and then the rest of the mortgage queue. Some victims will pay, I have no doubt of that, others will realise that throwing good money after bad just is not worth it. Some will say, “what is the point in staying in a country that clearly does not want us here?” To those I say, do not judge the country as a whole by the greed of the few, allbeit a very powerful few.

We are going to see, sooner rather than later, pensioners being put out of their homes. The Bank have willed this, ergo the Goverment will allow it.

In the case of Kulaksiz 5, it is my opinion that eventually they will be compensated by the ECHR. Judge Talar Usar is quoted as saying that he does not feel being evicted will cause K5 irreversible harm. Such a statement beggars belief. How can you evict people of advancing years, already traumatised by what is happening to them, one indeed in his 90th year, and not harm them? The trick as far as K5 are concerned is to try to stay alive long enough to receive justice from the the ECHR ergo Turkey.

I was in the courtyard on Wednesday of this week and I just looked at the number of Advocates there and it struck me. that per head of population there must be more Advocates here than anywhere else in the world, now why in a Moslem country, where usury is a sin and the abuse of the elderly totally abhorrent, is such an abundance of Advocates necessary? Rhetorical question for all of us victims.

You only have to look at what is happening in the south to realise what a dreadful affect all this negative publicity is having on the property market there.

Throw in the world’s press reporting on elderly, frail pensioners being evicted from their legally Contracted and paid for homes to fill the coffers of greedy Banks who gave out mortgages that would be clearly deemed fraudulent in any civilised country, and what do you think that will do to the already terminally ill property market here in the TRNC?


Does anyone really want to see the TRNC die? I do not, I love the TRNC, all I personally want is to be allowed to live out the rest of my life here in peace and harmony with people who want me here. I can just hear all rational people agreeing with me, it is not very much to ask, is it?

Human Rights for all. To receive them, you must give them.

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