Why Northern Cyprus is an Ideal Place for Americans to Move

Why Northern Cyprus is an Ideal Place for Americans to Move

There are few sections of the world better for a US expatriate to take up residence than North Cyprus, and few places more misunderstood. This section of the Mediterranean island is convenient to quite a few Asian countries, it is a true paradise, very affordable and English is spoken widely throughout the area. If you are considering making a move to this beautiful country, you may want to take a little time for a vacation or plan a short trip over the holidays to see what Northern Cyprus offers.

The Weather is Beautiful

One of the best reasons to head over to Northern Cyprus is because of the weather. This part of the world enjoys a median temperature of a very comfortable 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Nearly every day of the year is filled with sunshine and the seasons are all mild. Winter weather dips down into the low to mid 60’s and summer puts temperatures up into the mid 80’s. In short, you’ll find very little to complain about when it comes to the weather in the area, which is a vast difference to most of the areas of the US where temperatures fluctuate wildly.


While Turkish is the first language spoken throughout Northern Cyprus, you won’t have much trouble if you can speak English. That’s because it’s the recognized second language and is supported throughout the country. Most of the signs are in both Turkish and English and you’ll be hard-pressed to find people that don’t speak at least a bit of English in the area.

Highly Accessible

There are ferries available to get you back and forth to Turkey, and making your way to Israel or Egypt is as easy as hopping aboard a cruise boat out in Southern Cyprus. There’s also airport access, making it easy to get to any other section of Europe that you would like to travel to.

Move Your Vehicle There with Ease

All the access to the country makes it easy to move your vehicle over using an international car shipper. Once you have a vehicle over in the country you’ll find it even easier to travel around the country, just be aware that you’ll only be allowed to keep your vehicle there for a period of three months. Provide your passport and all valid US identification to the transport company and to customs to get the vehicle into Cyprus, and prepare to pay a steep tax to get your vehicle in. Once it’s there you’ll be able to travel around freely once you have Northern Cyprus car insurance. You will want to take a little time to see how traffic flows throughout Northern Cyprus before you begin driving on your own. While there are traffic laws, speeding is often an issue and it may take a little time to get used to driving with local drivers on the road.

Becoming a Resident is Simple

Another major benefit of moving to Northern Cyprus from the US is that it isn’t very difficult to obtain residency. You’ll have to prove that you don’t have specific transmittable diseases, and show that you have enough money to avoid becoming a burden to the local government. If you can do those two things, you can become a year-to-year resident of the country. After getting this permit you can turn into a permanent resident once you’ve lived there for at least five years.

Property is Cheap

Though property prices are on the rise, it’s still incredibly affordable to pick up a home in the area. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment will only set you back about $450 and a 4-bedroom villa equipped with luxurious features like an underground pool can be had for around $150,000. There are few first-world places in the world where such luxury can be had for so cheap, making it a good solid location for families or couples to start living.

There is a lot to like about Northern Cyprus and it’s a place that Americans considering life abroad should consider. As with any new country, I encourage you to visit before making a final decision, but it will be tough to say no to the affordable cost of living and those vibrant blue waters that surround the land.

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10 comments to Why Northern Cyprus is an Ideal Place for Americans to Move

  • fluter

    Sounds great Paul, but please ensure that any US citizens thinking of relocating to there are aware of the many scams in operation there with regard to house purchase.

    Scams which officialdom seems to condone, probably because of family or other connections with the perpetrators, and accordingly there are no means of finding justice.

    Corruption is the norm in North Cyprus, as well as in the South.

    Frankly, having been involved in property purchase there, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to consider buying there. Renting yes, but buying NO!

  • Ian Edwards

    If at any time you were looking for an example of biassed, rose-coloured spin, look no further. Very little of what this guy has written is real, apart from his advice to visit before making a final decision, but then, who would be stupid enough not to do that?

    You have to ask just what is his real agendum…a real estate salesman, perhaps?

  • fluter

    I presume so Ian.

  • NCFP Admin

    Nope, if you click the second link you’ll discover he’s in the business of removals – in either direction I imagine.

  • Polly Marples

    And if you want to take the risk that you might just be buying on Greek Cypriot.
    owned land, like say for instance Amaranta Valley…..Gary Robb that well know English ex felon who robbed hundreds of ex pats by selling them property on Greek Cypriot owned land and never bothered to complete them and who did 14 months in a south Cyprus prison, for building and developing on Greek Cypriot owned land.

    Or like the Orams who were hounded by the Greek Cypriots who owned the land on which their property was built, ending up in the European courts and losing, putting their English home in jeopardy.

    Or like the many hundreds of other purchasers who found that the builder/landowner had taken out a mortgage on their property after they had signed a Contract of Sale and handed over their money. So potential American purchasers…are you beginning to understand why they are so CHEAP?

    Of course one of the most well know frauds is the case still in court and awaiting a judgement from the Appeal court….KULAKSIZ 5 v AKFINANS BANK LIMITED. Now that one is doozey and has been in court for at least 8 years…so if you have lots of money for legal fees and the time to spare, go ahead buy a property. Not all of the purchasers in Kulaksiz 5 had the time…3 have died….as for money, I think they will all tell you, their rainy day pot is empty and some have had to borrow from family to fund their legal case.

  • Polly Marples


  • Polly Marples

    NCFP Publications | The Perils Of Pauline On Pirate Island

  • Polly Marples


  • Polly Marples


    Stick to one of these.

  • Miltiades

    He also ….forgot to mention that the northern parts of Cyprus are occupied by Turkey and that the so called “TRNC” is NOT recognized by even one single nation on this planet. Talking about planets I wonder on which planet is the writer on.