UK Muslim Pupil Reveals He Lives In Terrorist House

uk-muslim-pupil-reveals-he-lives-in-terrorist-house/After a primary school teacher in Accrington in Lancashire read one of his 10-year-old Muslim pupils’ essays he was shocked to discover that the boy had admitted that he lived in a ‘terrorist house’.

The teacher had no alternative but to report the boy to the police, in accordance with the 2015 Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, which states that teachers are obliged to alert the authorities to any suspected terrorist behaviour. The pupil was interviewed on the 7th December by police and a laptop found at his home was examined.

The family were stunned, and at first thought it was a joke. On studying the offending essay, looking at the phrase ‘terrorist house’ in the context of the child’s work, it became obvious that he had meant to write ‘terraced house’.

Although the incident appears humorous on the face of it, if the child had been a white Christian, would the teacher have been required to contact the police?

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