Turkish Beko Products Cheaper In South Cyprus Than North

Turkish Beko Products Cheaper In South Cyprus Than NorthAccording to Detay Newspaper, Turkish products are being sold in the south at lower prices than in the north. The sale of Turkish electronic products and textiles at prices cheaper than they are available in the north is causing serious competition for distributors in the north.

For example, in the south the Turkish-made coffee machine produced by Turkish brand Beko is built specially for the south’s market under a different branding, replacing the words ‘Turkish Coffee’ with ‘Greek Coffee’. The product is sold for around €75-84 Euro in the north, whilst in the south it is sold for €69.

This is yet another example of Turkish companies being able to offer bulk discounts because the south’s population is triple that of the north. In the unlikely event of a Cyprus settlement and if the north and south separate then shopping in the north may become less attractive if similar items can be found for 15% less. It questions the competitiveness of the north and adds a little more pressure on a move towards a United Cyprus.

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