TRNC's Gunsel B9 Electric Car Swings Into Production

TRNC's Gunsel B9 Electric Car Swings Into ProductionThe news that the TRNC’s Gunsel B9 Electric Car will become available from 20th February 2020 was such a surprise to the world’s media that, apart from North Cyprus Free Press, only Turkish press released the news.

The Gunsel B9 is based upon the Muflon, Cyprus’s symbol:

“Inspired by the symbol of Cyprus, Muflon, features in the design of GÜNSEL B9 which is represented by elegant yet powerful lines.”

The Muflon is a sheep and like the Muflon I’m sure that car enthusiasts will rush to buy this unique car for which no independent review appears to be currently available. Many people who have bought properties in the TRNC would be perfect targets for this car, there discriminatory powers would mean that facts such as ‘0-60mph as soon as possible’ and ‘guaranteed as long as you don’t expect to make a claim’ would not deter them from investing in this fine animal.

Only a few left!


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