The Auction of Greatstone Site in Lapta Went Ahead as Planned

Cyprus Today Greatsone auction 15.7.2017 (2)WITHOUT PREJUDICE

The Auction of Greatstone site in Lapta went ahead as planned as as Serdar Denktas was conveniently in Switzerland.

The only reason these homeowners live to fight another day is because no one put a bid in for their homes.

What has to be remembered is that the purchasers are innocent in all this and the fact that they already owned these

properties and that they do not OWE one penny to anyone is totally ignored. That their homes could have any sort of encumbrance put on them whether a lien or a mortage shows just how backward the legal system is and how little protection it offers the innocent in this situation. A situation that would never happen in a civlised country with a robust legal system.

Looking at the photos of those protesting this auction takes me back to 6th June 2010 when Kulaksiz 5 were the victims of the same type of abomination…but sadly Akfinans Bank did the unthinkable and did bid for our homes, however not until the late Mr Ralph Denktas had left the auction.

The mortgage and auction have both been judged as FRAUDULENT by the lower court in Kyrenia on the 4th December 2014….a decision appealed by Akfinans Bank and this appeal was heard on the 4th October 2016. Yet here we are half way through July 2017 and STILL the High court has not given their judgment on this appeal. Frankly I am beginning to believe they have no intention of doing so. Why? Because if they concur with the lower court, it will create the precedent that makes a nonsense of these auctions so cavalierly being undertaken at the moment. If the find against Kulaksiz 5….I for one will be taking my case to the European Court of Human Rights naming Turkey as the respondent. Either of the actions will embarrass the Government of the TRNC and rightly so.

This is what happened at Akfinans Bank North Cyprus auction

Mr Denktas at the auctionRauf Denktas at auction.


Never give up, never give in.

Pauline Read

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