Taxi Drivers From The North Being Attacked In The South

Taxi Drivers From The North Being Attacked In The SouthCyprus Today reported that as a result of a decision by the Larnaca branch of the National Popular Front (Elam) to step up attacks on Turkish Cypriots in advance of the anniversary of the 1974 Turkish intervention attacks on Turkish Cypriot taxi drivers operating in the south are said to have increased. Three incidents were reported in the last 10 days although it is suspected that many more incidents were going unreported.

Turkish Cypriot taxi drivers often cross the Green Line to transport tourists to and from Larnaca Airport and taxi drivers have been warned to ignore any provocation and keep driving.

Yet again, another example showing why it would be crazy to try to unify the island. They call the current negotiations ‘Peace Talks’ when in fact peace was delivered the moment the two sides were kept apart.

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