South’s Police Ignore Violence Against Turkish Cypriots

South's Police Ignore Violence Against Turkish CypriotsKibris newspaper (17.11.15) reports that ultra nationalist groups in the south, believed to be members of ELAM, attacked four Turkish Cypriots’ vehicles injuring two Turkish Cypriots. The incident occurred around 11.00 in the morning near Ledra Palace crossing point during a protest of approximately 200 people wearing black clothes and masks. Most worryingly the south’s police did not intervene and the Turkish Cypriots only avoided more serious injuries thanks to the involvement of some Greek Cypriot bystanders.

When two of the drivers who had been attacked went to the police to complain, the police told them that “you had been at the wrong place the wrong time”. The Turkish Cypriots did not file a complaint because the Greek Cypriot police did not take them seriously.

Whilst North Cyprus President Akinci said that “the Greek Cypriot administration should immediately bring the criminals to trial,” South Cyprus President Anastasiades merely said that “the state does not tolerate the acts of those individuals or groups who want the island to be divided on grounds of a so-called patriotism.”

It appears that while the government may disagree with what happened the police can ignore the attacks with impunity. This does not instill confidence for Turkish Cypriots if they were ever to live in a Cyprus dominated by Greek Cypriots.

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2 comments to South’s Police Ignore Violence Against Turkish Cypriots

  • Miltiades

    A disgraceful behaviour by the thugs affiliated to the fascist ELAM. The police have a duty to protect all citizens regardless who they might be.

    On my recent visit to Cyprus last week I met a T/C friend in Larnaca for lunch, he told me he vists Larnca regularly but has never encountered any animosity towards him. Fascists thugs must be dealt with by the law.

  • Polly Marples

    Being in the wrong place at the wrong time….how can anywhere be the wrong place in a democratic country? Police cannot pick and choose which crimes to investigate or prosecute.