South Cyprus's President Rejects North's Forest Fire Help

South Cyprus's President Rejects North's Forest Fire HelpWhat more can be said, there is a serious fire near Paphos and firefighters from Greece, Britain and Israel are helping to put it out but the north’s offer to help has been rejected by President Anastasiades.

“I thanked him, of course, but realised that with the help from Israel, the UK authorities, and particularly from Greece, and with other aircraft, we did not think there was a need for further contributions. But in any case I want to thank him for the genuine interest to confront together the problems facing our common country.”

You would have thought that the north would have been the first port of call, being so close. You would have thought that in the light of attempts to work together to solve the Cyprus problem this would have been an opportunity to show how the two sides could work together to solve a serious problem. You would have thought that President Anastasiades would have been more considerate instead of pushing Turkish Cypriots into the background, perhaps the shape of things to come if there were ever a settlement..

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1 comment to South Cyprus’s President Rejects North’s Forest Fire Help

  • sugarpuffbear

    Now Turkey’s Foreign Minister won’t let the planes and helicopter come because they will be under S. Cyprus airspace along with other participating countries controlling the fire.
    This sort of thing is unbelievable in an emergency situation.