Old Dom’s Almanac | Predictions for 2014

Old Dom's Almanac | Predictions for 2014Old Dom’s Almanac – Predictions for 2014

When I was a child my mother used to get an annual magazine called ‘Old Moores Almanac’ which was full of predictions for the new year. It fascinated me and I read it from cover to cover. I had no idea whether any of the predictions came true so in the spirit of this magazine I am going to make 10 predictions for 2014 for Cyprus:

  1. The Cyprus Problem will not be solved
  2. Property Victims will not receive title deeds
  3. The south and the north will need more money to prevent a financial crisis
  4. Both governments will have a reduced majority in parliament
  5. The weather will be unseasonable
  6. Prices will go up
  7. There will be power and water problems
  8. Immigrants will be persecuted
  9. Cronyism will increase
  10. It will not be the government’s fault

Perhaps you have predictions too?

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