Phone Company for all Cyprus for Visitors

Phone Company for all Cyprus for VisitorsOn the four or five occasions I come to the TRNC in a year I arrive to discover my mobile is dead. The credits are there but they want money before I can use the phone. This means that when I get to the apartment and find something is wrong I don’t have a phone so I use my UK phone and it costs.

Last year by accident I found that Vodafone UK allow you to feel at home in Turkey and RoC.

All UK operators allow you to use your UK package in the EU as if you were at home. The contracted minutes and texts plus internet work as they do in the UK and at no extra cost

So for £20 a month I have unlimited talk and texts and 20 Gigs of Internet I can use in Cyprus as well as in any EU country at no extra cost.
The only cost would be that if I were in the RoC and rang an RoC number or in Eire and rang an Eire number.

I went into the Vodafone shop and ditched my supplier of 15 years and signed up transferring my number from my old network. Now in the TRNC I can use the phone in the North & South of the island as if I were at home. I also signed up for an extra hundred minutes at £ 3 per month so that I can call any country in the world for that £3. This means I can call the local restaurant to book a table. It also means I can wander off when shopping with the wife and contact her to join up later as we do in the UK. I hate shopping and she has also signed up on Vodafone so just as when were in the UK we can phone each other at no extra cost.

Also when out I’m not searching for WiFi I can use the internet as part of my package. Also when you receive a call from the UK there’s no charge. Last year my wife was admitted to hospital in the South as an emergency. The insurance company were ringing me North and South of the island to resolve the matter and update us with the claim. Previously, receiving those long calls in the North would have been costly.

Bad news struck a month ago that Vodafone were realigning their zones and Turkey was not going to be part of the EU zone from May 10th 2018 and they wanted an extra £6 a day to include it. This was far to expensive and not worth the cost. Then good news, last week Vodafone relented and are no longer going to move Turkey out of the European zone.

Whilst the Vodafone package is no use or unusable by a full time resident of the TRNC it offers up to 3 months at a time for visitors – well worth a try.

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