Petition | Justice For Little Billy

Petition – Justice For Little Billy

Dog is man’s best friend. You have to wonder if in some instances this is a very one sided friendship. Reading this terrible abuse of a small stray dog turned my stomach.¹

Dogs will give even most inattentive owner unconditional love, how many humans will do that? To deliberately throw a helpless starving dog into a box crusher has to be the act of a barbarian. To claim he/they thought the dog was dead just compounds the act. Even if he/they thought the dog was dead, why would anyone do that. If you thought he was dead, why not check, be sure then bury him.

Apparently this little dog’s crime was that he hung around a hotel and was a nuisance. Well perhaps the poor little mite thought some kind human might give him some scraps of food, probably some of the guests would have but not it would seem some of the members of staff.

This can happen anywhere, that it happened here in Cyprus the island of love is somehow more tragic, there was no love to be found for Billy who strayed into danger and found out the hard way.

If you feel strongly about this unnecessary cruelty to this poor dog, please sign this petition.



Pauline Read


Pauline Read


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