Pauline's Opinion - Can You Imagine?

Pauline's Opinion - Can You Imagine?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

I lived in the south of Cyprus for several years and had a Greek Cypriot friend who often started a sentence with the words ‘can you imagine’.

Agile and I would laugh about this and sometimes mimic our friend but in a kindly way.

Can you imagine? Well yes, it does seem an innocent enough expression, but I am going to use it for this little story.

Can you imagine a large bank in the UK behaving in the way Akfinans Bank LImited have in the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank debacle?

For the purpose of this story, let’s do a comparison between professional bankers and the other sort. For the sake of the story, let us call the

UK bank – Arclays Bank Limited.

Can you imagine Arclays Bank Limited allowing a former owner of land/property to borrow using his former asset as a security? Akfinans Bank Limited allegedly did just that. Firstly claiming they did know the land had been sold or built on, but unfortunately for them a survey commissioned by them before they put the mortgage on the land/property, so clearly, this was an untruth. Can you imagine Arclays Bank Limited doing that?


Can you imagine Arclays Bank imposing an interest rate of 259% on a mortgage for any purpose? Akfinans Bank Limited allegedly did.

Pauline's Opinion - Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine an owner/shareholder of Arclays Bank Limited allegedly being involved in illegally breaking into and taking a villa that they were currently involved in litigation about? Further compounding their act by driving a car at speed at Agile, who managed to jump out of the path of the speeding vehicle. Akfinans Bank Limited allegedly were involved in the break in and the attack.

Can you imagine an Arclays Bank Limited shareholder/owner moving into a property they had illegally repossessed and using it for themselves? Akfinans Bank Limited owner allegedly did.

Can you imagine Arclays Bank Limited shareholder/owner then transferring the property they had illegally repossessed into his father-in-law’s name….Akfinans Bank Limited shareholder/owner allegedly did.

Can you imagine Arclays Bank Limited intimidating pensioners and trying to silence them…Akfinans Bank Limited allegedly did.

Can you imagine that the stress and trauma of what the bank put both Agile and I through did not in some large part contribute to Agile’s premature death…he was just days from his 66th birthday when he died. I believe it did.

Can you imagine the British Press and the British Government staying silent whilst a British Bank behaved this way. The Press and the Government of north Cyprus have stayed silent and remain so….six years on.

Can you imagine that?

Pauline Read

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