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Akfinans-Bank....warning-from-them in 2010WITHOUT PREJUDICE

It is very strange. Those who claim to be good to be good Christians, Muslims, Jews…whatever rarely are. Those who quietly practice their faith, make no such claims, just show it by their actions.

I can remember a conversation with a certain bank manager/bank owner back in 2007/8 when I asked him if he was a good Muslim, he said he was. The same person who visited the UK and took a trip to Worcester to report me to the Police there for and I quote “harassing and distressing him and and his family” on the internet. How bizarre is that? Can you imagine how the police in the UK would react to someone breaking into and taking your property without a court order? Certainly not as the police acted in Girne.

Or the many time they allegedly ‘organised’ for their legal representative to have lies printed about me in the Turkish language press, is that not harassment? The lies vary from accusations of me owning property in south Cyprus, being a spy for the south, mounting a propaganda campaign against north Cyprus and so many more nonsensical claims… is this not harassment? I think the most childish claim was I was bringing their bank into disrepute when we all know they were and still are dong a very good job of that themselves. I was even threatened under Bank Law 39/2001 which was brought in when some Turkish Cypriot banks failed and were bailed out by Turkey in the early 2000’s. This legislation, I am sure was not intended to deal with people like me to whip us into submission. Is this not another form of harassment?

Who remembers the FOR SALE boards appearing outside the villas at Kulaksiz 5 after the High Court had granted the Kulaksiz 5 an Injunction to stop the banks selling their property until after the end of the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited case. Isn’t this CONTEMPT OF COURT and HARASSMENT? The boards were placed outside my villa after the monumental decision by Judge Talat Usar on the 4th December 2014 when he found that the mortgages ergo the auction were fraudulent.

For sale boardsNB this image and similar can be found on GOOGLE. I am now contemplating visiting the Worcester City Police in the UK and making a complaint about the Bank and its owners harassing me. I have so many dots they can join linking their legal representative to the infamous Gary Robb, so who knows where their investigations could lead them. They are after all, still looking to find the money unaccounted for in the Aga Saga. Maybe I should suggest they liaise with SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) too.

The police have said I should not publish any photos of my villa as it is still in dispute. Now doesn’t that work both ways, isn’t the fact that the wife/former wife of the complainant using a photo of it as her coverpage on facebook a form of harassment?

The law may allegedly be a little one sided in north Cyprus, but it certainly is not in the UK. Any investigation conducted in the UK will be unbiased and impartial.

Pauline Read

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13 comments to Pauline’s Opinion | Bullying Property Victims

  • Polly Marples

    My little bird tells me ‘they’ have litigation going on in Istanbul too. Been there this week.

  • fluter

    “a little one sided” – I like that Pauline, you are a master of understatement!

  • Polly Marples

    My little bird also tells me that the case was submitted to the Judges for consideration on Monday.

    My little bird could be a bat, he wears a black cape.

  • Cyprus Sue

    What a delight to link to the Cyprus 44 thread and read those old posts. What immediately stands out is the amount of debate and the challenging of views and how this is sadly missing across all other Cyprus forums.

    With everything that is happening with regards to reunification and the implications this raises for property ownership and the islands future, you would think that the forums would be buzzing with discussion?

  • Polly Marples

    768 comments and lord knows how many hits, but in the 1000’s Sue.

    I think this post may be the reason they started restricting the comment to 200 per post.

    I do mis C44

  • Miltiades

    With due respect, the now defunct CY44 was heavily infested with low down cheapskates who did not tolerate any outside interference with their senile comments, often referring to the RoC as the …dark side. A bunch of uncouth low down peasants, not dissimilar to some on the NCFP.

    As for the G/C stolen properties that most of you have purchased from the thieves, well, you deserve all that will be dished out to you lot, as indeed it is now happening.

  • AM

    Just for a moment there Milti I thought you were describing Cyprus Forum and how that is run ?.

    And as for your last statement could you tell us what is “actually” happening right now because the way I see and read the situation there will be no solution anytime soon ?

  • Miltiades

    Unfortunately I do not see a solution just yet, just as long as the evil and cancerous influences surrounding Cypriots continue. Turkey insists on being given guarantor rights, NEVER !
    The Cypriot people can live side by side as Cypriots, not Greeks or Turks.

    I have on numerous occasions stated that I consider all Cypriots who embrace our motherland, the island of Cyprus, as my compatriots.
    All apart from low done ignorant cheapskates that is.

  • Cyprus Sue

    Unfortunately I think there are many more contributing factors than Turkeys guarantor rights. The biggest problem lies with the politicians of Cyprus (TRNC & ROC) It is evident to all that they are self serving, work only on a “what is in it for me” basis and openly get a way with fleecing/manipulating their populations. For an EU country, it has more in common with the political workings of many African States.Sharing power and diluting the “profits” will never be on the agenda.

    There has been a wealth of publicity highlighting how heavily corrupt and in truth totally incompetent Cypriot politicians are.Yet it is the Cypriot way to deny this, as no matter what has occurred, we cannot bring shame to our country. That’s the main reason why the blame card is so frequently used. A deflection of the real problem.

    Until the Cypriots wake up and smell the coffee there will never be a negotiated solution and the only ones to benefit from this stance will be those that chose to serve their own interests rather than the islands and its peoples.

  • AM

    Cyprus Sue,… a brilliant post and exactly how the situation is at the moment.

    As you say the blame card is the problem and is played at every opportunity !

  • Miltiades

    “A deflection of the real problem”

    The real problem is the continued occupation of the northern parts by Turkey.
    You refer to the TRNC but fail to make it clear that this pseudo state is NOT recognized by a single nation on earth. Turkeys recognition does not count. It created the pseudo state.

    The island of Cyprus has a long history, older than that of Greece and Turkey. Many occupiers have come and gone, Turkey will too.

  • Miltiades

    ” Cyprus figures prominently in the early history of Christianity, being the first province of Rome to be ruled by a Christian governor, in the first century, and providing a backdrop for stories in the New Testament”

  • AM

    You may be right Milti,.. Turkey may at some point leave but one thing is for sure the people in the North will remain.
    But if you think Turkey will abandon its people then you are more deluded than I first thought ?