North Cyprus Turkish Ambassador Cyprus Solution Concerns

North Cyprus Turkish Ambassador Cyprus Solution ConcernsAccording to Afrika newspaper (27.01.16) in a meeting in North Cyprus the Turkish ambassador to North Cyprus, Derya Kanbay, said that no one except Turkey and Turkish Cypriots is considering a solution to the Cyprus problem in which the “Turks on the island will live fairly and humanly”.

He implied that, unlike in the case of Turkey, the international community want a solution in Cyprus which suited their own interests and not those of the Turkish speaking community in the north.

“I am not saying it to create fanaticism. Unfortunately, such a reality exists in the world. Certain powers dominate over the international institutions. The ‘yes’ and ‘no’ vote of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council influences many things in the world.

This is what you experience for years in Cyprus. It is said that the stars in the world are aligned for finding a solution in Cyprus. You can see the reason for this when you look 500 or 1000 kilometers away from the island. Therefore, I do not believe that these stars say ‘let us find a solution’ for the black eyes of the Turkish Cypriots. They have interests and plans. Except the policy of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots for the solution in Cyprus, no one thinks ‘let the Turks on the island live fairly and humanly, let the injustices be abolished, let the Turkish people not experience oppression, crimes and discrimination again. I do not believe this”.

He went on to insist that the federal structure to be established at the end of the negotiations should be a “geographic federation” not like the short-lived pseudo-federation formed when Cyprus achieved independence from the British in 1960.

“They regard the state established in 1960 as a communal federation, but the current one is a geographic federation, two territories, two peoples and two sovereignties. They say that these will unite and have a single international sovereignty. I am very curious to see how they will do this. As a federal state structure is comprised of a federal or a unified state and in the end of founding states, you should not forget that together with your founding state, by your side there will be another founding state and its people. That is, living eternally with the spirit and feeling of confrontation with these people, turning the back and opposition will not bring too much tranquility and prosperity to this island.  I know that many tourists come from the south to the north. I also know that they freely have lunch in restaurants, they go around and have fun and they even enter into the gardens of some Turks and shout that ‘this house is mine’. However, I also know that no one behaves badly towards them, no one attacks them. If you did similar things, it is sure that war will come up. Yesterday, they celebrated at the statue of a murderer. There are still people who believe in him, people who follow him.”

Remembering the referendum on the acceptance of the Annan Plan in 2004, Kanbay expressed dismay concerning what happened.

“The UN had put forward a solution plan of its own without asking the Turkish Cypriots; the Annan Plan. I do not know to what extent they had asked the Greek Cypriots, on the issue. They put this plan of theirs in front of you without letting you read it, without explaining it and said: ‘it will be good. Let us say yes’. Your people said yes by 65%-66%. The Greek Cypriots saw that there were some minor things which they did not want in it and said ‘no’. And they did it with 75%. The priests, the church, Papadopoulos, all of them were involved in the issue and together they achieved the ‘no’ vote. In such a case which side should be rewarded in the rest of the world and which would be reprehended? While normally they should have reprehended the Greek Cypriots and should have said to you ‘bravo, you said yes to our plan, come and let us embrace you’, they pushed you aside within one month and accepted them into the EU. These are realities. If we attempt going after dreams without knowing these, we will bump into the wall in the end and fall down. I call on everyone to see the realities”.

When an agreement is ready for a referendum, Kanbay asks that the text should be studied in fine detail and explained to those who will be voting for or against it. Those in the north should ask whether they are voting for something which will guarantee their future.

“The Turkish Cypriot people should not do it in a hurry like in the case of the Annan Plan, but they should carefully read it, because this is a great responsibility”.

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