North Cyprus Property Victims | What’s Turkish For Fraud?

North Cyprus Property Victims | What's Turkish For Fraud?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – What’s Turkish For Fraud?

You will recall that I have mentioned that during the Kulaksiz 5’s recent court hearing the court appointed translator has not been available to appear and so the K5 have had to provide their own and pay for the privilege.

It is interesting to note that during 2008 when I first attended court in Girne, the number of non Turkish speaking people who had cases in the system were few. It was more the exception than the rule that I would bump into fellow Brits in the court area. This changed and as the ‘penny dropped’ more and more British and other nationality litigants became apparent.

There seems to be only one court translator used by the state and one has to wonder why more have not been appointed.

This story of what is happening in the UK is relevant and somewhat disturbing. It seems however that the UK Government take its responsibility to supply a translator more seriously even if the system is somewhat abused:

You might argue that the tax payer in north Cyprus should not pick up the bill, but why not? If the state bothered to police the property sector properly, there would be fewer cases. If the state did their duty and prosecuted the rogue builders, an example would be set and there would be fewer cases. Whilst the rogues and frauds continue without consequence, what incentive is there for those with this sort of mind set to act other than illegally, it is so profitable for them. Corruption, cronyism and nepotism is rife and the little brown envelope culture that allegedly goes with it .

Every so called remedy has failed at the first hurdle and so the need for more court translators has become apparent, yet rather than address this issue, the judicial system ignores it and the already beleaguered victim has to dig deeper into their empty pockets. It is said ‘you cannot get blood from a stone’, but the north Cyprus judicial system has proved that saying to be incorrect. In a vain attempt to obtain justice, those wronged are expected to continue to pay.

Justice, a seven letter word which would get you a reasonable score on a Scrabble board, is hard if not impossible to find in today’s north Cyprus or indeed on the whole of the island of Cyprus.

This is what K5 is fighting for.

K5 Richard Barclay's villa

This is what Akfinans Bank Limited would like to do with these homes. Indeed they put the For Sale boards up.

K5 for sale notice

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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