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North Cyprus Property Victims – Turning Back The Years

Can it really be four years since I first wrote about the dubious memberships claimed by Talat Kursat.

Of course it was subsequently proved that of the four memberships claimed, only one was kosher, the claim that they were members of the TRNC Baro Counsel. Whilst to be able to practice law in the TRNC such a membership is mandatory, one has to wonder how this is policed.

We know that people without any qualifications gained in the TRNC are advertising their services as legal advisors. We know people such as Mehmet Kaptan Bensen have accepted clients’ money and disappeared and yet the regulatory body he was a member of at the time are not being helpful to all of his abandoned clients whose files are still missing.

We know that the very same firm of advocates who are the main subject of this blog have had their names mentioned in the case in the UK this document refers to and yet Baro still ignore the very serious nature of the comments contained within this.


How then can anyone have faith or trust in a system that is so very poorly regulated?
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

Well folks we are all aware of Akan Kursat’s clandestine forays into the world of illegal breaking and entering, changing locks, isolating and turning off Pauline Read’s electrical supply, and a little dabbling in vehicular attack, so it will not come as a great surprise that Polly Marples in the course of her sleuthing has more to tell us about our erstwhile hero.

Talat Kursat claims on his website ( ISO 9001 certification awarded by WCS (World Certification Services) . This is a total misrepresentation by this legal firm and WCS deny all knowledge of them I quote from their email:

‘I can confirm that Talat Kursat is not an ISO 9001 registered client of WCS and never has been. We will endeavour to try to convince the company to remove our logo from their website.’

WCS can do very little to force the removal of their logo from the website as they do not have brand or branch registration in Cyprus, a fact Akan Kursat will be well aware of, hence their illegal use of the logo.

A representative of WCS has tried to make contact with Talat Kursat, but as you would expect, were given the runaround. Don’t we all just know how that feels.

Talat Kursat Website

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