North Cyprus Property Victims | The Good and The Bad

North Cyprus Property Victims | The Good and The BadWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – The Good and The Bad

During my time in north Cyprus I have had the pleasure of meeting many good, honest and straight forward people. I can truly say my life is blessed from the experience.

Of course conversely I have met some, shall we say, not so nice people too. It take all sorts they say and it really does not matter where you live, you will meet all sorts.

In north Cyprus I was told, many people re-invent themselves and become whatever their imaginations dictate. In many ways you have to feel sorry for them, they clearly do not like themselves much and prefer to live a Walter Mitty existence. Harmless enough except perhaps to themselves.

Of course some gravitate to north Cyprus because of its ‘no extradition’ status. People such as Gary John Robb who found not only could he live there free of worry about being returned to his native country to face the criminal charges against him, but because he had money and made money there. He was feted and had many fair weather friends amongst the locals too. Partners in crime you might say.

One British Turkish Cypriot lady who had returned to Cyprus told me it was quite common for people to re-mortgage their British property to raise cash to buy a home in north Cyprus, to buy a car in Britain on credit and ship it into north Cyprus and conveniently ‘forget’ to pay creditors in Britain. Indeed she told me, this is exactly what she did. She even phoned me for advice when the lender on her property was about to repossess her British property. I asked her if the debt on the British property was greater than the value now, she confirmed it was, so I told her I think she knew the answer. Clearly she never paid her mortgage after leaving Britain and now has a lovely villa in north Cyprus courtesy of her former British lending institution. I am sure they never signed up for that deal.

The people in north Cyprus are a mixed bunch and I have to say life there is never dull.

I had a new kitchen fitted in my K5 home by an English kitchen fitter and he did a superb job, far superior to the job done by Kulaksiz Construction Limited, sadly now the bank enjoy my kitchen.

I did employ a British builder to put a roof over the area outside my kitchen at my K5 home and he made a right ‘dog’s dinner’ of it. The man could not grasp the basic principle that a roof should be waterproof…it never was and he walked off the job. I understand he eventually left the island. I am not surprised, if he did as bad a job for others as he did for me, clearly word gets round and work dries up.

I had a huge area of garden paved by a British workman too at my K5 home. The work was done well. There were a few issues but the paver returned, put everything right and I was very satisfied with his work and indeed did recommend him to many.

I spent many thousands of pounds turning my K5 villa into a home but sadly the subsidence and the water penetration was never effectively cured, at least not by me. I wonder what the bank have done about it? They seem to be happily ensconced in my villa almost 4 years after they illegally took it. Odd that they should now have had use of it for almost the identical length of time Agile and I did.

The next hearing for the main case Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited is 13th/14th/15th of May at Girne District Court.

Will I ever get my money back?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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