North Cyprus Property Victims | Gimme the Money!

North Cyprus Property Victims | Gimme the Money!WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – Gimme the Money!

Yet another email asking for money. Well actually this one is somewhat different in that it is asking for permission to release money from the ‘escrow account’ which contains some of the money already collected from some Amaranta purchasers.

The email says:

“Kutsal and Mustafa have spent the last 6 months trying to get a solution for us. They have virtually sorted out issues on Hz Omer and all buyers will soon have ptp and title deeds.

On the 16/05/14 K&M met the under-secretary, on the 21/05/14 they met again with the under-secretary, the PM and his personal secretary. The outcome is very positive and we will know what they proposed to do in a couple of weeks.

We are sure you all realise that K&M can’t keep doing this for nothing, as they, like the rest of us have bills. We have personally drip fed them over this period and feel we are close to getting what we want.”

Well since Kutsal and Mustafa enjoyed the benefits of this alleged scam, surely expecting them to put it right at their own expense is the minimum the victims could expect of them? If they have squandered the money or should I say the victims money, from the good times, do they think coming back to the trough for more somehow exonerates them?

The email goes on to say:

“When we get the statement from the Government, K&M will continue work on parcelisation for our deeds.

When this work is done we will be in a position to collect our deeds if we so wish. These deeds are not land share (hisse) but deeds identifying your specific parcel and indicating if there is a part built property on it, this is not a hisse land share but an individual title deed.

Property tax will be due on completion of the development and not before.”

soca v robb

Aga Directors. Number two looks familiar. In fact they all do.

How will it be possible to parcelise and issue Kocans (title deeds to the land) without the many Memorandums, we are led to believe are now in place on Amaranta Valley, being lifted? I know from up close and personal experience, the holder of the Memorandum has to release it and this requires their co-operation. I removed mine on the Kulaksiz Arapkoy site, but it was a complicated process, and required my co-operation. I cannot imagine all who hold them being convinced that once they remove them, they can trust that they will not be double crossed. Let’s face it, Messrs Kutsal and Mustafa do not have a proven track record.

With regard to the SOCA -v- Gary Robb case where the Approved Judgment found in favour of SOCA’s interception of £1.6m  being transferred from Robb’s account in TRNC to his account in Thailand. I cannot imagine all the legal proceedings were funded from the public purse so one has to assume some of that £1.6m was used in this case. There are those saying that the residue should be distributed between the Robb Aga victims. It has to be remembered that seven sets of victims joined with SOCA as third parties in this case against Robb and it is alleged that Witness Protection had to be given to some of them.

gary robb older1How the residue of the money intercepted by SOCA is eventually distributed is for the court to decide, however I cannot imagine it is anywhere near the original sum, this of course is just my personal opinion.

Gary Robb….the cause of all these problems.

Pauline Read

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