North Cyprus Property Victims | Cafer Gucafer Again

North Cyprus Property Victims | Cafer Gucafer AgainWithout Prejudice

North Cyprus Property Victims | Cafer Gucafer Again

It seems Cafer Gucafer is hogging the limelight yet again. According to Cyprus Mail Mr Gucafer is now advocating that Turkish and Greek Cypriot Constructors Unions should rebuild the island without outside help. Hope that includes money too Mr Gurcafer?¹

Well with stealth mortgages and non-performing loans both sides of the divide, it seems that those tasked with controlling and policing the building industries did very little to control the poor standard of workmanship from some of their members and did little or nothing to curb the fraudulent tendencies of some of their members.

Now they are going to join forces and rebuild an industry they sat back and watched implode. There is little to choose between them, yet here they go again, telling us how it should be, having made such a hash of it in the past.

Mr Gurcafer claimed that there was a Turkish hitman out to ‘get’ him. Now he is back in the thick of it. The same man who allegedly instigated a legal case against Turkey in the ROC courts, accusing them of selling him Greek Cypriot land. A little hypocrisy there wouldn’t you say from a former Director of Aga Development Limited.²

Say what you will about him, and his lack of leadership when the building industry needed it, you cannot deny there is one thing he is very successful at….hogging the headlines. Oh if only that were all it took to right the dreadful wrongs his industry and consecutive Governments have heaped of all the property scam victims.

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