North Cyprus Property Victims | Bring in the Old

North Cyprus Property Victims | Bring in the OldWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – Bring in the Old

When I was asked my reaction to Mr. Cafer Gucafer being re-elected as head of the north Cyprus Constructors Union, I was more than happy to give my opinion.

Read this article from Ipek Ozerim in her T VINE blog. This man clearly has more front than Blackpool and a skin like a rhinoceros.

How can the new ‘transparent’ coalition Government just sit back a watch? If the property industry is to recover it will need new blood not the old ‘coagulated’ blood of a previous failure. To be taken seriously, the Government must be seen to stamp out the old ways of nepotism, cronyism and corruption. From where I am sitting this really does look like history repeating itself and the history of the past is something they should avoid as it does not reflect well on north Cyprus.

The people of north Cyprus must wonder what the future holds if this sort of appointment continues.

Blog: T-VINE

Post: Controversial businessman returns as head of North Cyprus Constructors Union


When will they ever learn?

Pauline Read


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