North Cyprus Property Victims | Aborted Rescue Plans


North Cyprus Property Victims – Aborted Rescue Plans

Reading how a very small minority of very small minded people thought my joke on April Fools day was in poor taste and how ‘Art’ is fed up with reading my life story, I must say I was a little alarmed. If what has happened to me in 8 years is my life story then what happened to the other 61 years of if?

It is strange how some people condemn that which they do not have the ‘balls’ to do themselves. Way of the world I guess. Their condemnation will never stop me and it is interesting that when the Government do make promises very openly and publicly then as openly and publicly break them, very few people have the ‘balls’ to call them on it.

North Cyprus Property Victims | Aborted Rescue PlanNorth Cyprus Property Victims | Aborted Rescue Plan

Rescue plan for Buyers…what a crock.

This was what the Government PROMISED (no April fools joke)

If you look, they appointed Salih Dayioglu and Taner Erginel, both former Presidents of the Supreme Court, Zaim Necatigil a former Attorney General no less and Rustem Tatar and Orhan Zihni Bilgehan, both former ministers. What Rustem Tatar? surely no relation to the then Finance Minister who made the promise? That could be construed as nepotism. 5 learned legal men and not one of them came across Mortgage Law 11/78 at that time, how strange is that? Within a week this committee was ‘gone’. Where were your protest ‘Mountain’, yours too ‘Art’? Frightened of the target? Easier to target the usual ‘whipping girl’?

Of course NCFP were vocal about it and even got slagged off for shortening it to the 5 wisemen WC, but how right we were, it soon went down the pan.

Then we had the promise of a 3 man committee, the Turkish Ambassadors to London, Lefkosa and the fiery Lord Ken Maginnis, another committee, another damp squib.

Now boys, if you did not know any of this, here is your chance to put the boot in to some real ‘jokes’.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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