North Cyprus Property Victims | 666 | Number of Beasts


North Cyprus Property Victims | 666 | Number of Beasts

The number 6 seems to have a huge significance in the history of my ownership of 5 Demokrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka.

6th May 2006 – Moved into my new home

6th March 2008 – Whilst registering my Contract (new law allowed) found out about mortgages

6th June 2010 – Auction following Akfinans Bank legal action allowed this and the Bank bought villa belonging to me and those of the other owners

My house before K5


The Auction of the K5 homes 6th June 2010…..sixes again.

My Breach of Contract award, now void…..6th November 2009.

So many sixes. 666 the sign of the beast. I certainly have made the acquaintance of many beasts in north Cyprus…truly evil people.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of our move to north Cyprus and starting our life in our new home. 4 years of the 8 spent in our K5 home. Had I known so many beasts were waiting to take a ‘piece’ out of me I would never have bought in north Cyprus. Hindsight is 20/20, but who could have believed that so much evil was waiting for us all. I am not the only victim, Kulaksiz is not the only beast as the many other property scam victims will attest to.

Will good ever triumph in north Cyprus. Will justice ever prevail? I have serious doubts.

On the 14th/15th/16th May Bob French will continue to be cross examined by the advocate for Akfinans Bank and then the Bank will put their case, evidence and witnesses. What a final irony if the only member of the those defrauded and who have allegedly already ‘leaked’ an email between him and one of his neighbours does actually appear in person as a witness for the Bank. This was reported by Cyprus Today.

K5 Evidence  Cyprus Today from hearing 17th April 2014

If this happens, who can doubt this whole saga is tainted by evil.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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