North Cyprus Property | Permission to Purchase Within 3 Months

PTP North Cyprus Property within 3 monthsNorth Cyprus Property – Permission to Purchase Within 3 Months

According to Kibris (08.09.14), the TRNC Minister of Interior, Teberruken Ulucay, said that the time taken for non-citizens to receive Permission to Purchase to buy North Cyprus Property has been shortened to, at the latest, within three months. The problem has been the military’s role in the process, this has been reported to sometimes take several years because of checks to see if property is too close to military installations.

I am not sure if Ulucay is saying that the backlog has been cleared but if he is then I suggest he reads the comments from those who are sure to write to the contrary on NCFP. As for new purchasers being in a position to have title deeds transferred within 90 days, this should mean that the bulk of the purchase price should be withheld until title deeds are issued to the purchaser. I wonder if advocates are creating contracts with this in mind? The practice has been to take the full purchase price and tell purchaser the title deeds are to follow.


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