North Cyprus Presidential Elections | Ozersay v Nami

North Cyprus Presidential Elections - Ozersay v NamiNorth Cyprus Presidential Elections – Ozersay v Nami

Even though the North Cyprus Presidential Elections are not due until April 2015 the possible candidates are revealing a lot about themselves to the electorate.

According to Vatan newspaper (27.08.14) under the title: “When the day comes I will announce it”, Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Ozersay said that “he will announce his decision on this issue when the appropriate day comes”. Well that contradicts Cyprus Today (23.08.14) where he is quoted as saying ‘I can say that I will be standing.”

Meanwhile, Yeni Duzen newspaper (27.08.14) reports Foreign Minister Nami saying that Ozersay’s statement that he might be a candidate for the North Cyprus Presidential Elections is unethical. He said that Ozersay’s possible candidacy for the North Cyprus Presidential Elections would mean that the negotiations are not handled properly as Eroglu and Ozersay can be considered as rivals. Much like the Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides in the negotiations?

Kibris Postasi (27.08.14) wrote that Ozersay responded to Ozdil Nami’s comments saying:

“I just mind my own business, I do whatever my position requires me to do and I will continue to do so. I don’t think Mr Nami is in a position to make a healthy evaluation of my candidacy. I say this because he constantly complains for not being part of the negotiations in the way that he wishes; he complains that I don’t visit his office every other day; and plus his party will also nominate their candidate. So I don’t think he is in a position to make a healthy evaluation. Therefore, I suggest that everyone stop acting and speaking emotionally and focus on their own positions.

I act with the awareness of my responsibilities as the negotiator. This is the reason I avoid talking about my possible candidacy. If the possibility of my candidacy bothers some politicians already, I wonder what they would say if I officially run for the elections.”

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