North Cyprus News | Turkish Water to Reach Cyprus on 20/7/15

North Cyprus News | Turkish Water to Reach Cyprus on 20/7/15At 10:59am, according to Afrika newspaper (19.01.15), on the July 20th 2015 Cyprus Peace Operation anniversary, water will flow from Turkey and arrive in Cyprus. Of course, Afrika newspaper was joking about the time, making fun of the numerous dates that have been published and bypassed.

Turkish Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Hakan Dincyurek, said that the “project of the century’s” land phase is continuing on target but the sea phase has been held up due to seasonal weather conditions. That’s right, ‘seasonal’. It beats me how a project can be behind because of expected factors. He said that:

“In line with the project on the 25th of January, the dam in Turkey will be filled with water and I together with Veysel Eroglu will be there to witness the event.”

According to North Cyprus President Eroglu:

“The investment cost of the Alakopru and Gecitkoy dams for the water project are close to 80 million Turkish lira ($36.6 million) and the project will supply around 130 million cubic meters of water to the TRNC every year.”

Some would say that Cyprus needs water more than gas or oil and that the water project is a bit of Turkish one-upmanship showing that they can deliver an important project whereas the south will remain stalled indefinitely in its attempt to bring gas and oil to the island. Whatever happens many observers say that both projects will in the end bring limited benefits and that both the water and the gas and oil will end up being uneconomic.

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