North Cyprus News | Polly Peck Funded Lefkosa Disneyland


North Cyprus News – Polly Peck Funded Lefkosa Disneyland

In a startling news conference, the Minister of the Inferior announced that the Government has decided to cancel all stealth mortgages on homes where builders took out mortgages on property/land already Contracted to and paid for by property purchasers without their knowledge. The Minister went on to say that he would like to apologise for the misery and heartache caused to all property victims and claims for compensation will be accepted and processed without delay.

All banks complicit in these transactions are to be fined and audited by Accountants from the European Union.

All memorandums are to be lifted so that the true owners can take advantage of the lower rate of transfer tax.

A theme park similar to Disney World is to be built just outside Lefkosa and funded by Polly Peck proceeds found in Turkish Cypriot Banks.

This is certainly a day for good news.

Only a fool would believe this article! 🙂

Pandora S Box

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