North Cyprus News | Phew What a Scorcher!

North Cyprus News | Phew What a Scorcher!Temperatures in North Cyprus are expected to hit over 43°C over the next few days, dropping to around 40°C at the weekend. Recognising the danger this may cause people working in these temperatures, the Interior and Labour Minister, Aziz Gurpinar, said that during 5th-8th August, between 12-4pm, anyone found working would be stopped and their workplace fined the equivalent of 1 minimum wage.

A dedicated telephone line had been set up, available to those wanting to report anyone breaking the law. The number to call is 102.

In the south, this law has been in operation for several years and in the north there have been attempts to regulate working conditions but usually without much affect. There were even rumours several years ago that workers were lied to about the temperature in order to keep them working.

It is also worth reminding tourists and ex-pats that drinking cold beer actually makes the chances of ill health more likely by causing dehydration.

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