North Cyprus News | Oil and Gas Exploration Causing Problems

North Cyprus News | Oil and Gas Exploration Causing ProblemsNorth Cyprus News – Oil and Gas Exploration Causing Problems

Kibris newspaper (03.02.14) reports that TCG Giresun Frigate of the Turkish Navy warned off a vessel, under the Norwegian flag, which was carrying out seismic explorations off the south coast of Cyprus. The frigate alleged the vessel had entered into  Turkish Marine Space.

This statement was issued by the Turkish General Staff:

“After the seismic exploration vessel named Princess, under the flag of Norway, which was carrying out explorations in the south of the island of Cyprus, entered into the Turkish Marine Space on 1 February 2014 at 18.40 hours, the above-mentioned vessel was warned by TCG Giresun Frigate, which has been in the area within the scope of the Mediterranean Shield Operation, and it abandoned the Turkish Marine Space at 23.50 hours”.

Kibrisli newspaper (01.02.14) reported that Taner Yildiz, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, has said that 2D seismic explorations for oil and natural gas had been completed off north Cyprus and 3D seismic explorations will start soon.

Yildiz also said that the land drilling had been completed at Turkyurdu in the Famagusta area:

“I want to say that there might not be enough reserves, they will be processed and the result will be seen?We have spent a very serious amount of money within the framework of the drilling, but it does not matter, it is not important? I should note that we could not have the results we wanted at Turkyurdu”.

Yildiz said that they are now working in the sea area west of Cyprus and that in 2013 they carried out seismic explorations in approximately 700 kilometres on shore and 5,500 kilometres in the sea in TRNC’s continental shelf. In 2014 they are planning to carry out seismic explorations in an area of approximately 7,400 kilometres.

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