North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 9th July 2022

Not much real North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 9th July 2022. An enquiry into power cuts that will change nothing, unsurprising inflation data, unexplained KAR changes and a futile petition.


PM ORDERS PROBE INTO POWER CUTS – PRIME Minister Ünal Üstel has laid into his own Finance Minister Sunat Atun after North Cyprus spent this week being plagued by power outages. The country spent much of the earlier part of this week without electricity, with frequent and long power cuts gripping the nation, and either darkness or the dull chugging of diesel generators providing the backdrop to the week.

Inflation data for June the worst since 1980 – PRICES rose at their fastest rate in a June month since 1980, according to new official figures. The latest consumer price index (CPI) figures, released by the TRNC Statistical Institute on Tuesday, showed that the cost of living rose by an average of 9.54 per cent in June compared to May.

Bombshell changes at animal charity KAR – A BOMBSHELL social media post threw the future of Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) into doubt just hours before the charity was due to host its annual general meeting on Wednesday. A new committee was formed at the meeting, but the members of both the old and the new committee were coy to discuss the circumstances of the resignations and new appointments.

Prince Edward blasted over Makarios wreath – A PETITION has been launched to pressure the British government to apologise for the actions of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, after he laid a wreath at a statue of Archbishop Makarios III during his visit to Cyprus last month.

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