North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 9th April 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 9th April 2022The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 9th April 2022 is mainly political plus the astounding news that inflation in North Cyprus is currently 83%. In the south it’s 7% so it looks as if the weakness of the Turkish Lira is at the heart of it.


Annual inflation soars to 83%, gas goes up to 230TL – ANNUAL inflation in North Cyprus has shot up to an eye-watering 83.19 per cent. The figure was released by the TRNC Statistical Institute in its latest Consumer Price Index bulletin, covering March.

PM Backtracks after Backlash – PRIME Minister Faiz Sucuoglu announced reductions in electricity rates and alcohol duty this week. The decisions were taken on Tuesday during an “emergency” Council of Ministers meeting following public outrage cover electricity bills of three to four times higher than the previous month, following the implementation of a new pricing structure on March 1.

Top US diplomat to brief Biden on Turkish Cypriot position – A TOP diplomat from the United States said she will brief Washington regarding the Cyprus problem, following a meeting with President Ersin Tatar.

St Andrew’s Church makes ‘humble request’ for help from Ersin Tatar – ST ANDREW’S Church in Girne
has “humbly requested” help from President Ersin Tatar for the appointment of a new priest.



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