North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 8/2/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 8/2/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 8/2/2014


Deadlock end on peace talks – see today’s NCFP article

Firm to launch air-taxi service – two helicopters will be available as taxis from Ercan and for sight seeing

Policeman in chase run over four times – in a chase to stop 3 teenagers in a car, they got away but were arrested later. Editor: well, not exactly run over, bumped into and knocked off his motorbike.


Abusive remarks put end to forum – Embargoed! Chat has been taken off line because of the inability to moderate abuse

Airport transformation hits a roadblock – Ercan development is stalled because of  land ‘ownership issues’. Editor: didn’t stop the development of Larnaca airport

Kulaksiz settlement see case reinstated – K5 had to pay 6000TL to Akfinans Bank in order to be allowed to continue the case, halted because of either a court registrar official error or because K5’s lawyers didn’t turn up because the K5 property owners had lost interest in the case. Editor: what do you think was the reason?

Now digital currency can buy apartments – for as little as 120 Bitcoins, a currency which a few years ago was 1XB/£2. Editor: and may be that in a few years time too.

Talks on change to military service – including community service for conscientious objectors. Editor: and gender equality?

British-style ale goes down a treat – Lionheart Brewery showed off its range of beers at Girne’s Cafe Dukkan. ‘Some bars are selling up to three crates a week.’ Editor: that’s 5 pints a day!

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