North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 4th June 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 4th June 2022The main North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 4th June 2022 is the unsurprising news that inflation is worse that it has been for a long time, 43% up since the beginning of the year.


INFLATION AT 28-YEAR HIGH – THE cost of living in North Cyprus is rising at a rate not seen since the dark days of the mid-1990s, according to new figures published yesterday by the TRNC Statistical Institute. Consumer Price Index data for May showed that prices rose by an average of 6.63 per cent compared to the previous month, 43.1 per cent since December 2021, and 98.12 per cent since May 2021.

People die in Girne-Lefkoşa road crash – TWO young adults died and two others were injured in a car crash that happened on the Lefkoşa-Girne dual carriageway in the early hours of Thursday. According to information provided by the police, Sara Abdulkafir, 22, and Marwan Baderelden, 23, both passengers in the vehicle, died in the accident that occurred at around 12.40am.

Girne council fined 28,000TL for sewage leak – GİRNE Municipality has been slapped with a 28,000TL fine by the government after raw sewage leaked from a treatment plant into the sea at the Kaşgar area on Thursday.

Ministry stops publishing daily Covid-19 statistics – THE TRNC Health Ministry has stopped publishing daily Covid-19 figures. The Health Ministry announced the decision on Wednesday, June 1, after publishing its final set of daily figures, which showed 36 new cases from 1,702 tests. The announcement said that Covid-19 figures would continue to be published on a weekly basis, every Wednesday.

Members of Eoka admit to killing Turkish Cypriots – THE families of Turkish Cypriots who were killed by Greek Cypriot Eoka terrorists in the 1960s have filed a police complaint after two former members of the death squad brazenly spoke about carrying out the murders on TV. Neoptolemos Leftis and Athos Petridis, who are now both in their 80s, admitted to killing 68 Turkish Cypriots and “throwing them into a pit” in 1964.

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