North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 22nd February 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 22nd February 2020North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 22nd February 2020 consists of two articles. One asks a question and the other gives a ‘legal’ opinion from unspecified ‘legal experts’. Neither of these articles are ‘news’ and the rest of the ‘newspaper has little to persuade someone to pay 10TL for this week’s Cyprus Today.


How Clean is Our Air? How Pure is Our Water? – LITTERED road sides, forests, picnic areas and coastal areas; abandoned stone quarries dotting the southern slopes of the Five Finger mountains; fresh warnings were issued this week for the low air quality levels in the Teknecik in Catalkoy region of the north mast, where the TRNCs main power plant emits fumes.

Other than that, the air and water are supposedly clean.

‘TRNC Has Legal Right to Open Varosha‘ – VAROSHA, Maras may be reopened by the TRNC, according to legal experts. Or, it may not!


Well nothing really.

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