North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 1st February 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 1st February 2020North Cyprus News in Cyprus Today on 1st February 2020 starts with a piece that confirms that last week’s Greystone 2 news was fake news. The article should have been titled ‘Greystone 2 will not be saved’ as now the TRNC PM says the site will not be bought and then leased to those who paid for the homes. I also like the way that Cyprus ‘Today’ uses the word ‘injustice’ in quotes, as if there is doubt.

New twist in homes ‘injustice’ – THE saga of expat homebuyers at the Greatstone-2 site in Lapta took a new twist this week after Prime Minister Ersin Tatar appeared to pour cold water on his coalition partner’s plans to purchase the properties. Cyprus Today reported last week how Deputy Prime Minister Kudret Özersay was looking into ways to nationalise the 13 homes in questions. However, Mr Tatar told this newspaper he did not agree with Dr Özersay’s proposal because “we do not have that sort of money . . . it would cost millions of TL”.

PM Tatar (to your money homebuyers) comes up with a brilliant plan to solve the homebuyer scam that has plagued the island for 15+ years – “What we can do, however, is to act as a mediator and try to find a way of resolving this.” That’ll work just like it hasn’t in the past.

BREXIT DO NOT PANIC – EXPAT organisations warned this week that social media was fuelling panic over cross-border trips during an 11-month period of Brexit transition, which starts today. British Residents Society head Peter Wilkins said: “Our organisation has held end-to-end discussions with the relevant authorities and received definitive guarantees.

Looks like these expat organisations have privileged information concerning the Brenter negotiations. I know where we are leaving, a child of 5 could probably tell you, but where we are going is anybody’s guess. I think it will be a shock to that 5-year old if we return to £sd and lbs and oz. Remember those pre-decimal sums, ‘if a pound of meat costs 5 pounds 10 shillings, how much will 5 ounces cost?’

Fears over ability to guard public against coronavirus – HEALTH organisations have raised concerns over the government’s ability to protect the public from the deadly coronavirus, as the island’s two leaders discussed the issue yesterday. President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades spoke on the phone after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a “global health emergency”.

AG orders probe into claims of corruption – THE Attorney General’s Office has ordered a “comprehensive investigation” into claims of corruption among the highest levels of the police and armed forces, and civilians.

The bombshell claims were made by a Facebook user under the pseudonym “Ahmet Gaf”, who published information claiming to show that senior officials in “critical posts” received bribes.

Copies of cheques purporting to show that one “high-ranking police officer” received a total of £208,000 between1999 and 2008 were shared by the account. The account has since gone “silent”, however, Cyprus Today’s sister newspaper Kıbrıs reported on Thursday. Its last post read: “Disclosures will continue. The struggle will continue until fairness and justice are served.”

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