North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 19th December 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 19th December 2020The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 19th December 2020 is mainly speculative or missing any useful information. New Year is apparently cancelled and Christmas might be and the newspaper says it has no idea how Brexit might affect ex-pats in the TRNC.


New Year’s Cancelled – NEW Year celebrations in North Cyprus have been cancelled while uncertainty is hanging over Christmas Day lunches and events as authorities continue to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic. Some venues have decided to cancel Christmas Day events after Thursday saw the highest number of new positive cases in the TRNC since early September, with 33 confirmed, including 13 new local ones.

Impact of no-deal Brexit on Brits living in TRNC ‘unclear’– A LEADING expat group says the impact of the potential failure of the UK and the EU to agree a post-Brexit deal on British nationals living in North Cyprus is “very unclear”. Leaders of the British Residents Society (BRS) say they have been trying to ascertain from the British High Commission (BHC) whether or not expats using airports in South Cyprus but who reside in the TRNC will face problems from January 1 onwards.

More countries no longer recognising TRNC higher education institutions – THE Greek Cypriot authorities are “violating human rights” by getting other countries to withdraw recognition of higher education degrees for students planning to study in the TRNC, the head of Girne American University (GAU) has said.

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